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Basic Surgical Instrumentation

44 minutes, produced by AST. Content covers: Pre/Intra/Postoperative Instrument Handling; Equipment Safety; Dressings; Drains; Surgical Conscience; and Performance Guidelines for: Filling a Bulb Syringe, Assembling an Instrument Set, Opening an Instrument Set (Container System), Retrieving the Instrument Set from the Container, and Instrument Handling for Scalpels, Ringed Instruments, and Tissue Forceps. Together with "Introduction to Asepsis and Sterile Technique" video and "Surgical Positioning, Prepping and Draping" video, this is designed to provide a basic foundation of information. Includes a study guide with a CE exam.
Additional Information:
Updated DVD is part of the Case Management, 6-part series. Topics in this title feature preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative instrument handling, equipment safety, dressings, drains, surgical conscience, and performance guidelines for filling a bulb syringe, assembling an instrument set, opening an instrument set, retrieving the instrument set from container and instrument handling for scalpels, ringed instruments and tissue forceps. Limited availability in VHS format. Call for available supply (800-637-7433 option 3).
May 20, 2007

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By: Anita Faye Kelly, CST

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